miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

If it makes you happy… (01/31/2010)

Some people just make you happy, just bring you pure bliss. And you can recognize this, when you meet them, there’s a natural connection, and it’s as if your kindred spirits just immediately become intertwined, like two dangling pieces of string. And you should just let it happen, not question it, and let it make you happy. I think American culture projects a lot of deprivation, a lot of self-denial, as if you didn’t deserve happiness, or you should always be looking for something more, something higher. I am learning the importance of appreciating every step of the way and that perhaps I don’t have to have such an ascetic attitude, even if I am in the Peace Corps.

I think one of the hardest aspects of life is focusing on the positive rather than the negative. It is so easy to dwell on the parts of life that aren’t playing out smoothly (which is usually out of your control anyway). So why not brood over what is going right? Why not be absolved with what is going beautifully? I have a terrible habit of focusing on what I perceive as my in competencies or my weaknesses. I need to let this go and be happy with what I have and appreciate what positive characteristics I can exude. On that note too, stepping back and enjoying life’s simple pleasures and not feeling guilty about it. It’s okay to occasionally dance, enjoy some music, eat something rich, buy something you desire, adorn your bedroom with something simple so you have comfortable surroundings … every once in awhile…

And with interactions with other people – it’s hard to decide. Should you just let go of those that constantly drain you? That constantly see things with a negative clarity and always see the glass half empty? I feel like you should always give them an opportunity, to try to show them the light, but make sure your light is burning strong enough so you don’t lose your light in the process. Perhaps make sure you are always still in touch with those that are also burning bright, your closest and dearest friends, that are also attempting to do the same. And constantly remind yourself of the following because it makes life so much more enjoyable.
There will always be some who will complain about what they get,
And others that will always be thankful,
Be the latter.

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  1. good post mel. glad i finally checked out your blog. miss you and hope you are taking good care of yourself. xoxo.