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Don’t let the bed bugs bite (02/06/2010)

So I had this conversation with Megan, where do you draw the line if you keep a blog – how much can you express without it becoming too personal, but then at the same time, express the experiences of a real person? Hmmm, that’s an interesting question… and also if you are ‘representing’ an entity, like the Peace Corps, how truthful can you be? I always like to be honest, straight-forward, forthright. Cut the crap and lay it out because then you can communicate most effectively, most efficiently, and I think, well for the most part, people appreciate your directness. If you have well-developed opinions and are honest about them, then shouldn’t they be appreciated?

It’s so hard living and working in a different culture when you can’t quite express the rapid fluidity of your thoughts, which is even difficult in your own native tongue. I can’t wait until the day I can tell off the alcalde, but in the most well-composed, professional way possible. Ha, that will be the day. At least while I’m doing my diagnostic with families, I have gained the ability to help them to relax by joking with them. Picking up on the campo language and playing with it, that makes a better day.

So when does this really turn into a diary or an account of events? Megan decided she didn’t want to keep a blog for fear of dispelling too much personal information. I’m thinking I’m just going to cut my losses.

A couple of honest accounts. My body is covered, I mean covered, with small bites coming from my bed. My fingers and toes are fat, my chest itches, waist, every place possible. So far I’m just dealing, but I need to drive out whatever bugs are infesting my bed. Oh, and I figured an abnormal GI tract was to come, with the adjustment period in a new place. But no, it’s continuing, and to the point I’ve pooped or ‘soiled’ my pants 3 times now. I never thought I would deal with this as an adult, thought that I could have complete control, but oh, as the horrible cliché says, never say never. Never should be eliminated from use in many contexts. I need to figure out what is plaguing my system, probably what plagues everyone’s system here. I can’t escape it. During training, they guaranteed everyone would suffer from diarrhea, and that a good majority would poop their pants at some point during their service. I’m putting the effort forward, practicing good hygienic practices – boiling the water, chlorinating the water, but I also need a water filter, since the water can get so turbid here when it rains. Clay water filters were only conveniently provided to water and sanitation volunteers, who have the water and sanitation training. Ironic. I mean I have some, but not to the extent they received. Poco a poco/little by little, I’m making small strides and learning the hard way. In a way, I guess you have to start with yourself – making your own self-improvements and having your lessons before moving outward. Understanding how other people live, truly, before being at all able, to perhaps, improve some aspects of their lives. Recently we came across a boy, 7-8 years old?, with half a fist full of worms in his liver, oh joy.

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