miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Dusk (01/26/2010)

I have to say, one of the most beautiful – one of the most impressive – times of day here are at dusk. Around 5 to 6 pm, an orange haze settles in, with the mystique of rising clouds through the valleys. In the early afternoon, usually following the rain, thick fog creeps in, to the point, at times, where you can’t see more than 15 feet in front of you. And with the incoming dusk, the fog lets up, and you can start to once again see the peaks of the mountains and be surrounded by this curious orange light. My first evening here I was absolutely intrigued and I continue to be intrigued every ensuing evening.
Another beautiful part of my surroundings is the garden Juliana has in our courtyard, filled with some flowers, in particular, some roses, hydrangeas, and lilies, and herbs. I have so much to learn – I’ve always wanted to learn more about different plants and any medicinal properties they might have. I recently connected with a ND/MD who is doing research out of Cusco. She’s trekking into some of the jungles to work with the aboriginal people to record medicinal plant use. I really hope to pay a visit, down south, soon in the future. Back to the garden – we also have a secret garden :) I love it. Exiting from a side door of the room found below mine, and walking down a sort of grassed ‘alley’, you can enter through another secret door entry way, behind our home, into a bit of a sanctuary. Protected by some eucalyptus trees, there’s a bit of a grass plain bordered with wild and planted flowers, and it’s beautiful. I’ve retreated here a couple times now to read, when the sun was shining bright, and to doze off in the sun’s warmth – my photosynthesis.
I recently received feedback from another volunteer who is about a few hours away about flaws in my character – a double-edged sword – good feedback to receive, but something that can be hurtful. She feels I am too stringent about my schedule (which I ironically wrote about recently) and feels this imposes on others, can lead to their under appreciation, and a projected over self-confidence. I sincerely appreciate frankness, feel sad she feels this away, perhaps along with others, and obviously have important components of character to work on.

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