sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

On the cusp of reality… (from 9/9/09)

Or not, since how I’m sitting in the hotel room of a Holiday Inn. Just got to D.C. for orientation and it’s funny, along the way, I could tell from the passengers, that a couple of Peace Corps volunteers were among them. One accompanied from Portland, although we didn’t meet until we were at Reagan International Airport. And another jumped on during our layover in Chicago. What can I say, they just dressed and acted the part so I went up to them and asked when proceeding to the baggage claim.

I’ve really been excited coming up to this point. I continuously was asked if I was nervous/ anxious, but perhaps due to my naiveté, I did not feel either. The turning point was in the plane when doing some reading that arguably should have been done much earlier (thought I read the PC Peru Introduction booklet, but when my dad could answer some questions better than I could, I realized I really just skimmed through it). I started to feel a bit ill-prepared, but I am reminding myself I did the best I could in preparation for leaving for two years and I am where I am.

I always enjoy meeting flight attendants and the one on the flight was a male who had taught English in the past, near Busan, South Korea. So shout out to Erin and Isaac who were in Chungju for the past year! I naturally was excited to talk to him about the culture after travelling there this past March/April.

So here I am ready to set out for the journey, with a lot less baggage than others which I am proud of:) With all the support I received from family and friends, I was able to pack efficiently and mindfully. Still pulled the near all nighter before leaving (30 min of sleep counts for something), but in the good company of Derek and Anya. Hmmm, sounds reminiscent to leaving D.C. mid-August for the west coast with the support of Patrick, Peter, and Cristina. How lovely it is to have true love and support in your ventures.

I have to say the sendoff with having family and friends this past Sunday, was one of the most memorable, meaningful, and impressionable experiences of my life I will take with me.

Love you all!

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  1. hola corazon!!!
    I'm glad you are doing great and got there safe, suerte con los peruanos, ten mucho cuidado and sometimes don't trust people too much...can't wait to hear more from you soon.

  2. hey chika u r my heroe !!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so happy that the Peace Corps realized what a a valuable person you are and accepted you!!!! I'm soooooooooooo PROUD of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Como dice Maty mucho cuidado ( don't be too trusting) Cuidate TQM!!!!